FLP Group has been created in 1999 by Frederic LELIEVRE and Thierry FERRAND with ACMG Industry, OXYCENTRE and TECINOX.

 After a consolidation phase of existing activities, FLP Group has been growing through new entities creation and external growth.

 - 2004 : OXYSHOP setting-up in Grenoble

- 2006 : SERINOX SN setting-up in Thiers in order to take over SERINOX sheet metal and boiler making activities

- 2008 : RACIOSTYL buyout in Košice (Slovak Republic)

- 2010 : OXYFLEURUS setting-up in Charleroi (Belgium)  in order to take over DECTO FLEURUS assets

                ACMG Industry merger with OXYCENTRE

Nowadays FLP is an independent group able to accompany its customers in their projects throughout Europe.

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